Patients Reviews

Always looking out for me and willing to help me with a very friendly staff. Looking forward to my operation and getting better.

Fred Obermeyer
Front office does not listen to understand but listens to respond I wanna say Julianna is her name the worst!!!!  Everyone else is very helpful I advise anyone who is there to change doctors if these are the kind of ppl being hired!Customer service skills are lacking!I asked to speak with someone else to help me and she wouldn’t allow me to!So I never received the help or answers I needed

Chanel C.
If I could give zero stars I would. If you need  actual medical care beyond "take some over the counter children’s Tylenol & Benedry", DO NOT USE THUS JOKE OF A DOCTOR’S OFFICE. " Lea" came to my house as I am a disabled home-bound patient. She didn’t want to listen to my medical history (13 years w/a port & IV maintenance meds) or any of my concerns over my recent heart attack or DVT & 2 PE’s! I have specialists but she didn’t want to hear anything. She rushed me through my "appointment" (max 15 minutes here) and said she would check Friday to make sure my iv meds, hydration & pain meds were done. NOTHING WAS DONE. Multiple calls to her office with no response. Then my home nursing company called Friday@ 4pm and said "Lea will not be taking you as a patient". Hey thanks for wasting a week of my time and allowing me think you were getting me my life-sustaining daily medications (iv hydration, nausea meds, proton pump inhibitors, pain meds & insulin) while you did absolutely nothing. ****I hope someday if you are very, very sick that you are treated with the same courtesy you’ve shown me.

Ana Maria K.
Since new management things have gone down hill. They have students give you shots and take blood pressure when they don’t know what they are doing. One of the students didn’t even know how to put a cuff to check blood pressure! They hire new grads without experience - i.e. while giving a shot the seringe came apart living the needle in the arm and the fluid went all over the place! The arm was sore for several days! The person doing carotid and other vital tests was so inexperienced that she missed s several critical areas discovered when specialist compared with former tests done somewhere else. After that the specialist specifically requested not to go back there for tests. Lack of transparency - stopped meds without even telling us. Supervisor has a tendency to throw staff under the bus blaming them for her mistakes. If you are lucky, cardiologist is only available every 2 weeks. Had a stress test that failed - cardiologist said it was fine. Usually a failed stress test is an indication of blockages. Sure enough.  A couple of months later ended up in the hospital with 2 heart arteries almost totally blocked!

Alex R.
Dr. Kumar is very patient and kind. Seems to have a very high turnover rate with his staff, but he is a great doctor. We have been seeing him for years.

Never saw him but had to endure a bunch of needless test to tell me what I already knew!! Which I told his assistant when I first saw her!! My primary dr said I needed to see him before I could have surgery & I think they’re in a scam referral deal to make a buck!! I WON’T be going back for anymore useless appointments!! I’m just hoping most of this will be covered by my insurance, though they shouldn’t have to pay for this either!!

Usually have a good experience here with Dr. Patiek but last time I went the student medical assistant had no help from the actual MA and I think he read my blood pressure wrong and was never rechecked (none of this is the students fault he should have had help). Then the doctor (Dr. Kumar) proceeded to answer his phone while he was seeing me. I’m not insensitive that he has other patients in emergencies but the other patient was fine and he could’ve called that person back, instead he finished his whole conversation on the phone while in the room with me. I needed my prescription refilled for my heart medication - I had none left and the girls at the front desk forgot to call it in until I had to call the next day to remind them. Now I haven’t had my heart medication for two days. I will not be going back here.

Hannah M.
Dr. Kumar is very friendly and listens to your concerns. My mother and I have been coming to his practice since at least 2014. Thank God we haven’t had any serious conditions but we feel we’re in good hands with Dr. Kumar.